When it comes to installing and maintaining your resin driveway, it is important to avoid mistakes that would shorten its life. Properly installed resin driveways looks incredible and can last for a long period of time provided it is done by a professional. When you opt for an uninformed DIY procedure, you may end up with a shabby looking driveway that is placed on the wrong surface. Just imagine the extra costs you would incur on repair or the disaster as a result of accidents on your driveway.

Resin surfaces look fantastic when handled in the right manner but can translate into a disaster with improper care. This is why we came up with a checklist of things to consider when installing and maintaining a resin driveway.

1. Know your installer

Who are you sourcing to install your driveway? If it is a professional and hopefully it is, how credible are they? A professional installer will have a website where they list their services and contact information that will help you make an informed decision. Go to the customer reviews on the site and look for testimonials from other customers as proof of the quality of the services that they offer. Take their contact information and call them up to know who you are dealing with.

Your installer should provide you with:
• A training record to show their credibility for the job.
• Information on the resin materials available, that is, whether is bound or bonded.
• A resin technical data sheet-This is a document provided by all manufacturers that tell you why the selected resin is suitable for your needs.

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2. Check for the quality of the resin

Inspect the resin like your life depends on it. Ensure that it is non-yellowing or aliphatic. Cheap and low-quality resins are prone to discoloring and cracking especially in the hot and dry weather. They also pose a serious mechanical challenge when it comes to installing.

3. DIY or a Contractor?

The answer will depend on the size of your project and the level of specialization that you need for your resin driveway. You should opt for a contractor if there is a wide area to be covered as they will ensure that high standards are maintained for your resin driveway. One thing to ask yourself is how much do resin driveways cost? The contractor will also be able to spot any unforeseen problems and deal with them appropriately.

If it’s a smaller residential area that is in question, a DIY technique will apply. However, you would need to use the right tools for the job. Your contractor could help you with the purchase of a nice DIY kit that comes pre-packed with your chosen stone aggregate. Your installer could have a few options for a DIY kit on their site.

4. Check for the specification

Many resin surfaces need repairs and re-installations with time due to poor specification when it comes to the bonded or bound surface. In case you went for a bound surface when a bonded one would have been more appropriate, you will suffer the consequences of the mistake. You need to keenly research on the difference between the two types of resin surfaces and their applications. Choose a surface that is more appropriate for your project for the sake of durability. Road surfaces have been created using resin https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Road_surface

A resin surface needs to be installed by a skilled technician and prior research needs to be done on the type of resin appropriate for your driveway. Call a professional installer today and get advice on the best way to install and maintain your surface!